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A short 20 minute hike up a local hill is the perfect place to unwind and breath in some fresh air. We suggest you make a picnic out of it and carry some of our caretaker's freshly made food. 

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Elephant Watering Hole

A 40-minute drive from thenkani, you'd reach Aiyur forest where elephants are abundant. Take an early morning drive through the fog to the watering hole with a cup of coffee to get a chance to see the elephants

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Panchapalli Dam

One hour drive through the country roads, you will reach a calm and serene location of Panchapalli dam. Sit beside the waterbody and see the fishermen do their job.

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Munishwarar Temple

'Kaaval Deivam', they are often called. The locals believe they protect the village. You'd notice a huge statue of this god at the  entrance of every village. 

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Swami Nursery

Monstera Deliciousa? Yes. Fiddle leaf figs? Yes. Cactus? Yes. Basil? Yes. Bougainvillea? Yes. This nursery has all kinds of plants you can dream of. Pick up some plant friends on your way back to Bangalore. You can thank us later.

Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan

Want to help the village industry and pick up local products? This place is for you. KGB is in Denkanikottai's main town where you can buy things from locally made sarees to delicious 'podis'. 

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