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At Thenkani, we have curated spaces and experiences where you can unwind, catch a breath of fresh air and experience the good old farm life. Scroll down to read and pick the spaces you would like to chill at when you visit us. Please note these outdoor experiences are doable only during a non-rainy day.

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A good old DIY picnic, farm style packed for you in a colourful basket and steel tiffin box 

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Under the Atti/Fig tree, is a cozy nook where you can unwind during the day, read a book, or just be.

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Under th shade of the beautiful honge tree, this chai experience is all you need to start your evening. 


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Lie down and look at the gazillion stars, an occasional shooting star and maybe fireflies for company.

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There's a point in the farm where you can see the entire farm and a part of the bettamugilalam range. Sit on the bench and take a moment to soak in the view!

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A candle light dinner specially curated under the shade of a tree, beside the cottage (Weather dependent)

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