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Brown To Green

Discover Thenkani, a small organic farm nestled on 5 and a half acres, adjacent to the  Aiyur Forest Reserve near Denkanikottai. We grow fruits such as avocado, dragon fruit, passion fruit, and soursop, offering a truly unique and flavourful experience. We practise organic farming, ensuring that our fruits grow naturally, free from harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Witness the magic of rewilding as you explore our farm. We are dedicated to restoring the ecological balance, allowing native flora and fauna to thrive. With luck, you may encounter a majestic elephant walking past the farm or a family of peacocks grazing, or stunning fireflies post-sunset, during your visit. 

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In the year 2015, this land was barren, dry and had a sum total of 4 trees. Everyone who saw it would describe it as a 'Brown piece of land'.  No cultivation had ever taken place, making it great for farming. Today, its a flourishing organic farm, giving incredibly tasty fruits and high cur-cumin value turmeric.  To know about the farm, visit us and go on our famous story walk to listen to the story of the farm, narrated by the farm, you'd never realize you've walked the whole periphery of the land.


Farm Gallery

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